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Drafts and Actions

I’ve set up Drafts to kick out a micro.blog post. I’ve made an Action that adds the micro: yes line to the start of the file. It then names the file with a timestamp. My micro.blog setup excludes file names, so I don’t care what they are named, as long as there aren’t duplicate names. Hence the timestamp, guaranteeing every post will have a unique name.

Next the action saves the newly named and micro.blog formatted post to the appropriate spot in Dropbox for Blot to find it and make it a post. I still can’t believe how wonderful Blot is to use.

I’m not quite sure how to share the action from the Drafts app. But it’s simple enough to make:

  1. Create Action
  2. Under Steps click the > and scroll to Services > Dropbox
  3. In Filename, use [[time]], extension md and set the path to your Blot folder in Dropbox (usually Dropbox/Apps/Blot).
  4. Under Content, add your micro: yes on the first line, then use the [[draft]] function to put what you typed in under the micro: yes line
  5. That’s it, you’re done.
Posted on 7/19/2017

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