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A simpler way

For some time I’ve debated with myself on choice of blogging platform. Controlling the content, price and ease of use have all battled in my thoughts.

Until yesterday I was using Jekyll. It’s a powerful system and quite flexible. It allows you the most control over the look (html, css, javaScript) and the content would be mine, for as long as it lasted as I was just hosting it on gitHub. So it was free and cheap but not easy, relatively speaking.

Then I found Blot.

You just write in markdown, and then drop the .md file into Dropbox and magic happens. It’s 20$ for the year for the service and hosting. And so frictionless to write. Jekyll is wonderfull, but I really don’t want to start a local server to preview and publish.

I am concerned about Blot’s long term success. We’ve all seen so many services go away, and take our content down with it. But with markdown files stored in dropbox, there’s nothing to lose. It’s your content. Just back it up in case Dropbox goes away or is compromised. Also, back up because it’s good practice.

Posted on 2/14/2017

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