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Where the Light Gathers
Moving Jan 7, 2019 I’m leaving this blog as-is for the foreseeable future. I may do something with it, eventually. I’ll be leaving the exiting posts here, and copying Change Nov 12, 2018 Today is Monday, November 12, 2018. I’m making a change to this site. Previously it was the place where I’d write about myself, my life (a personal Calls Nov 7, 2018 Though the days, months or sometimes years go by, I’m lucky to have a small group of friends whom I can “jump right back in” with. Hearing their Using a minimal iPhone Nov 6, 2018 minimal tech Front matter: Artwork by Jacquie Gouveia. When a new iOs version comes out we usually see a lot of people sharing captures of their home screens. I Unoverwhelmed Nov 5, 2018 I’ve been starting and pulling the plug on side projects for years. I often find an idea, buy the domain name and/or set up a prototype of some My new old computer Oct 8, 2018 I’ve recently inherited a MacBook Air (early 2011) model. My wife bought it in 2011 when she was going back to school to get her teaching Improv101 Sep 17, 2018 Improv I attended my second of six sessions for the Improv 101 course tonight. I’ve learned a lot about Improv already, and seen just how hard it really A Quiet Place Sep 5, 2018 Film & Parenting I watched the film with my Son and Daughter. It was really the first thriller/horror film we’ve watched together. Ever since they fell in love with The Other Direction Aug 7, 2018 side hustle The newest episode of CoreInt brought up two interesting points in terms of Software Development. I’m paraphrasing a lot below: Smaller feature set, Blotmentions Aug 1, 2018 updated 12/29/18 - Amit has written up a better and fully functional guide. check it out here. Thanks, Amit! Update: I totally missed the part about Side Hustle Sprint Jul 31, 2018 SideHustleSprint I’ve had this idea in my head for ages. Creating and shipping this would be rewarding creatively and, to a small extent, financially. The problem is Beep Jul 20, 2018 Parenting Last night, my wife and I were getting ready to go out for a date night. Just a quick dinner, at our favorite casual place, which is just a mile Minimal design Jul 10, 2018 minimal tech Over the last couple of nights, I’ve hacked together a new blot theme for the blog. I’m not 100% happy with the typography. Something about the Setting up Blot.im and micro.blog Jun 25, 2018 MacOS & micro.blog & Blot Hello, it’s Monday, June 25, 2018. This write up shows one way to have blot.im handle your micro.blog posts. I’m going to skip right to the heart of blotter Apr 13, 2018 MacOS You’ll need to setup an account on blot.im and configure the settings. Normal usage for Blot is to simply drag a markdown file to the Dropbox folder Time Apr 12, 2018 is the great equalizer. Time doesn’t care about your race, color, religion, politics, job, kinks, class, social status. Or any other thing we Minimal Digital Mar 17, 2018 minimal tech It’s a long story, but I have 6 email accounts. It’s amazing the cruft we accumulate over the years. My original gmail account. Currently used for Side Hustle Dec 10, 2017 MacOS & side-projects Inspired by the wonderful Indie Hackers community, as well as a great series of posts from Vincent Ritter a fellow micro blogger, I’m documenting my The Art of 3D Modeling at Digital Portsmouth Nov 15, 2017 Last night I spoke a bit about how 3D models are used in games. Thanks to Josh Cyr and Monte Bohanan for having me for the Digital Portsmouth event. Panobook Oct 17, 2017 Craig McClellan and I had a brief discussion of the Panobook on micro.blog. I wanted to give him a longer response, and get my own thoughts in order
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