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Have you ever been at work and had a moment or two nothing to do”? I had a moment like that today.

I realized that I was ignoring important but not urgent work. I could have started those documents I owe next week, but there wasn’t urgency, so I delayed.

So I fell into the twitter, reddit, newsreader circle. I even signed up for an open source twitter alternative after I read that latest why I left twitter article”.

I couldn’t think of what to write, or do at the time, so I read the internet via those sites. Over and over. The streams are always running.


So, once I caught up with one stream, I jumped to the other until I was caught up, then the other, then back again to the first. This is a pretty great way to waste time. I’m not focusing when I do this. I skim. Find a link to read and skim it. If it’s too long, bookmark it to never read it later.

Leo’s point in the Finding Stillness & Meaning portion of his Noise article hit me.

Ask yourself what you’re grateful for right now.”

When I have these idle moments of time wasting, I will indeed ask myself this question to spur appreciation for all that I have, verses what I do not. And drive me towards ideas and more importantly, execution.

Posted on 1/4/2017

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