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Side Hustle Sprint

I’ve had this idea in my head for ages. Creating and shipping this would be rewarding creatively and, to a small extent, financially.

The problem is three-fold.


I’m already doing too much. Too many irons in the fire, and frankly I sacrifice my health and well being already.

I’m troubled by the amount of things I let slip off my plate, contributing to a lack of focus and inability to ship. This eats away at me.


Even if I cut back to the essentials, will I have time to do the work to get this off the ground?

It’s a content heavy project, and it’ll take a lot effort to write / create it all. The tech part I have (mostly) down.


What if the project fails? What if the project is successful? What will the people I’m working with on other projects think? Have I made enough time for them? Am I an asshole?

Maybe I need to enforce better boundaries.

Will I have time to support this thing if it works out?

Maybe I should stop time traveling, as its not even fully planned yet. Let alone launched.

A Possible Solution

I realize what I’m about to say comes from a place of privilege. Not many people have the flexibility to do something like this. This is a good problem” for me to have.

I’m thinking of taking a couple days off of work, around my birthday in September. I’ll work remotely (there’s a new co-working place around the corner) and jam out as much of this content as I can.

Take time off work to do more work? Yep. Maybe that’s problematic. But I’m having trouble squeaking out the content bit-by-bit in the evenings. It’s the summer so my kids are up later. They’re mostly self sufficient, but we enjoy our after dinner time together of course. Plus the day job is more hectic than it’s ever been and I’m wiped out when I get home. Not to mention it’d be too much time in front of a computer each day.

So, I’m thinking of a Side Hustle Sprint”. Two or three days (if I can get away that long) to close all the tabs, turn off all the notifications and jam this thing out.

I’ll keep updating this site if I can pull it off, and document how it goes.

I’ll need to:

  1. Set some ground rules for myself before I start the Sprint (A Sprint Goal)
  2. Plan what makes this a success (Acceptance Criteria)
  3. Track the data (Burn down)
  4. Post the results

More to come.

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