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Where the Light Gathers
Leadership for Animators (and other creative people too) Sep 22, 2017 I gave a talk on Leadership for Animators (and other creative people too) for the AniMAtic Boston group last week. You can find them on FaceBook on Gratitude Aug 7, 2017 Rob Hope posted a nice note on Motivation. I fall on and off the wagon with what he’s mentioned in point 1 and 2 too much. I’m not doing Drafts and Actions Jul 19, 2017 I’ve set up Drafts to kick out a micro.blog post. I’ve made an Action that adds the line to the start of the file. It then names the file with a First things first Jul 13, 2017 I’m starting these articles to help writers be more efficient and keep their work safe. These articles aren’t about the craft of writing, they’ll 100 years Jul 13, 2017 In 1992 or so, I took my first photography class at a community college in south Florida. My teacher at the time taught me two things that have Lower than Erlich Jul 10, 2017 Some slight spoilers for Silicon Valley below: My wife and I were watching the episode where Erlich mansplains what mansplains means to Monica. I am not a minimalist Mar 15, 2017 I’ve been interested in minimalism for several years. Although I am no Minimalist. A lot of the blogs and books I read on minimalism are about Sips Mar 9, 2017 I wrote briefly about using the MacOS Terminal and the command to resize images in my post on Carrd the other day. Perhaps it was too briefly. Carrd Mar 6, 2017 is the fastest and simplest way to make a great website. I’ve tried everything, and this tool is just the best. The creator, AJ calls it “a conservation Mar 2, 2017 WTF per paragraph Feb 20, 2017 Just read the Reflecting On One Very, Very Strange Year At Uber post by Susan Fowler. I thought to myself WTF at least 10 times in the first five or chimera Feb 17, 2017 As a long time (and often suffering) fan of the New York Islanders, this headline was very fun … “Jason Chimera can’t stand the Rangers or their Text Expansion is built into iOS Feb 17, 2017 I’ve talked about text expansion a several different occasions. But all my posts have focused on the Mac, so far. There are apps for text expansion Blot, aText & nvAlt Feb 16, 2017 MacOS & Blot & micro.blog So, I found this Blot blogging platform / tool and it really has blown me away. I moved all my posts over (yay markdown files), and will point my Collusion Feb 15, 2017 “secret or illegal cooperation or conspiracy, especially in order to cheat or deceive others” Tsundoku Feb 15, 2017 I am not sure where I first came across this word. Maybe I found it on Farnham Street or Barking up the Wrong Tree. But I love this word. Here’s a A simpler way Feb 14, 2017 For some time I’ve debated with myself on choice of blogging platform. Controlling the content, price and ease of use have all battled in my Streams Jan 4, 2017 Have you ever been at work and had a moment or two “nothing to do”? I had a moment like that today. I realized that I was ignoring Don't compare your backstage to their onstage Dec 7, 2016 onstage I heard a great episode of the always solid Back to Work podcast recently. In which Merlin Mann relayed a phrase he heard Ideas are cheap Dec 5, 2016 I once told an animator that ideas are cheap. He was offended as he thought I said his ideas weren’t good. At the time, he was working with a Next page