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Derek Sivers wrote an interesting piece called Disconnect. In which, he discusses how he’s been the most productive when he spent months alone to really focus on a project.

I’d agree with him 100% but I’ve never really done that. But I think I’d have a similar stance if I did go woodshed on some topic for a while.

Woodshed: A slang term which refers to an intense period of practice and self-development that a musician has (or is believed to have) undergone.


I can’t carve out much time to go away and practice anything due to work, family, etc. So what are the alternatives?

Consider the below as my notes to self:

Break it down and tie it all together

You can’t boil the ocean

Make a project, cut it up into actionable things to do (tasks). Do them.

Measure the progress

Make lists, and mark things off as you go. Digital or in a notebook, it doesn’t matter. Don’t get hung up on the system. I will say that I’ve recently adopted the Bullet Journal concept and I love it. I do still use TaskPaper for digital. That system works for me, for now.

I recently read somewhere (sorry can’t find the link at the moment) that dedicating 6 hours a week to learning is a good way to quickly grow.

I’m not sure I have six hours in a week to give, maybe I should start carving out that time.

photo by Martin Sattler.

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