Where the Light Gathers |||

Get to know a furnace.

This week has been depressing.

In my opinion:

  • We’re not talking about Race as we should be.
  • We’re not talking about guns as we should be.

Dave Pell said it best.

People are dead and we’re screaming at each other over their graves. How about a little mourning?

I’m not posting this to wash away those conversations. I’m trying to figure out how to talk about those topics myself. Trying to grow.

Just file this in the restoring faith in humanity” column. I think this is an age-old story, as well as so very relevant our time. You can listen below and play along here.

What would I have done if I were Ben? What would I have done if I were Furnace?

Up next Just the Facts I had another Broken Record conversation with my son this evening. I was hasty and a little harsh. During our conversation, my son asked me a Mini-disconnects Derek Sivers wrote an interesting piece called Disconnect. In which, he discusses how he’s been the most productive when he spent months alone to
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