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Every 6 weeks

I just booked my first E6W. I am so excited. E6W is Every six weeks”. Not sure if it was invented” by Merlin Mann or popularized by him. Anyway, I heard it on Back to Work ages ago, and have finally A) Found the time to do this and B) gotten over the irrational fear of possibly losing the respect of the people I admire by inviting them to this crazy thing.

Here’s how it works, it’s simple, really. Schedule a call with a person you admire, and always have had great conversations with. Have a call once every six weeks. Talk about anything and everything. That’s it.

The frequency of the past conversations doesn’t really matter. Here’s part of my email I sent for the invites:

Sometimes we talk often, sometimes not for months. Every time we do talk, we don’t miss a beat and pick up right where we left off.

The goals are to connect and converse on a deeper level than social media and txt provides.

There’s a great write up over at Tech and Coffee, if you want more info.

My goals with this are to grow as a conversationalist, catch up with people I admire and learn from them. Looking forward to it.

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