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Little white numbers in little red circles

I’ve picked up on the idea of better controlling my mornings from Back to Work and various other sources. I don’t want little white numbers in little red circles to push me in various directions before I’ve had coffee and time to think.

I’m thinking about how I can carve out the time and head space in the mornings to have some time to think and create. The morning routine is crazy for sure. Everyone in the family has to be out of the house by eight o’clock.

So, I’ve been trying to commit to being an early riser. I get up at 530AM for months in a row, then fall back into sleeping in. Maybe it’s just the winter causing me to sleep in. Probably not, I just stay up too late.

I keep the phone next to my bed. It’s the only place I can guarantee that there’s a phone charger in the house. The kids love to move them around to charge stuff. We have twice as many chargers as devices, but I can never find the damn things.

So my charger is on my side table next to the bed. That’s where I charge the phone. When I wake up I usually check email, twitter, and Facebook. This is clearly a bad habit, to me at least.

I’ll move the charger to at least across the room tonight. We’ll see how it goes tomorrow.

Let me tell you why I’m really writing this. On my phone I have a great app called Drafts. The basic gist of that app is to quickly write text, and send it to whatever app you need to. Instead of firing up individual apps to craft some words, just use Drafts, and shoot it to whichever app you want to publish with. Most of my text entry is done on Drafts. It’s so quick and easy. I highly recommend it.

First thing in the morning on Tuesday, I grabbed my phone to do my little white numbers in little red circles routine. I stopped myself. I opened Drafts and wrote some words that eventually became this post.

I felt good. I broke the cycle. I put the phone down and got on with my morning. I’ve heard replacing a bad habit with a good one is a great way to break the bad and grow with the good. I’ll try to use this quick jotting down of words instead of the little white numbers in little red circles routine.

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