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An applescript you can use from anywhere on your Mac to post to Blot.im

You’ll need to setup an account on blot.im and configure the settings. Normal usage for Blot is to simply drag a markdown file to the Dropbox folder for Blot to publish a post. It is magical.

This applescript allows you to type your post from anywhere, and it names the file based on date-time (2018-03-17-15-50-47.md) and places it into the Blot folder. You’ll need to change your specific Blot folder in the script itself before running the script. Tie the applescript as a service and hotkey, so you can launch it from anywhere.

Full disclosure

I couldn’t figure out the permissions errors I was getting for writing the file directory for Blot in Dropbox. So, I write it to the desktop, then move it from the desktop to the Blot folder. It’s a hack but it works.

###Code is on gitHub


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