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updated 12/29/18 - Amit has written up a better and fully functional guide. check it out here. Thanks, Amit!


I totally missed the part about actually displaying the web mentions on your site. I’ll have to dig into that later.

Bad post name, I admit. Anyway…

Here’s how I’ve just setup webmentions.io and blot.im

I’m not sure if this works yet, as someone has to link to this page to get the webmention.

Setting up Webmentions on Blot

Head over to Settings > themes > Edit > Edit your live theme or one in development (the later is less risky)

Open webmention.io and follow the directions to enter your webite url.

You likely dont already have rel=me” links so it’ll instruct you how to add them.

In the head.html of your theme add a rel=me link.

I chose just the email as I dont want the social links currently.

I added this html in between the <head> tags.

<link href="mailto:someone@somedaomain.com" rel="me">

Save your theme

Go back to webmention.io and click refresh. The site should now verify that you’re good to go.

In my case (again because I just chose the email and no other links) I am instructed to click for an email. That email contains your verification code, enter it on the site.

Once you’re verified you recieve two new snippets to allow acceptance of webmentions.

I’m alomost positve that these have to go in every entry on your blot site, so head back to blot and pick the entry.html from the sidebar.

I placed these two snippets right before the closing </html> tag.

I beleive that another user has to link to the site to generate the web mention. Anyone want to that and can test and share the how to?

Let’s see if this works for blot & webmentions.

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