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Hi, I’m Chad Moore. As of Monday, November 12, 2018 Where the Light Gathers is where I write about helping creative people better understand and use their tools. I’m focusing on MacOS at the moment. Someone once said that I work best by helping people do their best work. So I am offering articles, quick tips, courses and a consultancy to do just that.

I like the color orange, tacos, the New York Islanders, the Gentlemen Bastard Sequence, and Star Wars. You can find my personal blog here. Please say hello if you want to chat.

Fun Fact: I took the name Where the Light Gathers from my favorite video game, Shadow of the Colossuss.

Dormin: But heed this: the price you pay may be heavy indeed.

Wander: It doesn’t matter.

Dormin: Very well. Raise thy sword by the light, and head to the place where the sword’s light gathers.