Today I saw a woman wearing a dunking donuts uniform walk into a starbucks, and a man in a kilt working on the trailer that was towing his boat.


I found a really cool tool when looking for a way to export my Kindle highlights & notes. Bookcision is super easy and fast and works with the new read.kindle.com site.


Apple proudly announced in 2013 that 7.4 trillion push notifications had been pushed through its servers. Turn them off.


I’ve read the books and am caught up on the show. I think the best thing to ever come from Game of Thrones is Key and Peele’s doorman sketch.


Drafts and Actions

I’ve set up Drafts to kick out a micro.blog post. I’ve made an Action that adds the micro: yes line to the start of the file. It then names the file with a timestamp. My micro.blog setup excludes file names, so I dont care what they are named, as long as there aren’t duplicate names. Hence the timestamp, guaranteeing every post will have a unique name.

Next the action saves the newly named and micro.blog formatted post to the appropriate spot in Dropbox for Blot to find it and make it a post. I still can’t believe how wonderful Blot is to use.

I’m not quite sure how to share the action from the Drafts app. But it’s simple enough to make:

  1. Create Action
  2. Under Steps click the > and scroll to Services > Dropbox
  3. In Filename, use [[time]], extension md and set the path to your Blot folder in Dropbox (usually Dropbox/Apps/Blot).
  4. Under Content, add your micro: yes on the first line, then use the [[draft]] function to put what you typed in under the micro: yes line
  5. That’s it, you’re done.

Addicted to business. This is an important read as a reminder to myself, and something to reinforce to my kids.